Showing NOT translated strings

This is a minor request, but it could help us non-native english speaking’ish admins.

There is a tick to show overrided strings. Very usefull when searching some badly done translations. But mostly I need to find those that aren’t translated yet. Sure, I can do a search, but not every time it is easy, because I get plenty of hits (can that 30 limit increase?)

If there would be a choice to show not overrided ones I could use my precious freetime to translate a lot of missing ones at once. Or I could find a little bit easier something that I don’t know where it lives, like generic term ”month” that gives way too many hits when searched (I have still somewhere something like maaliskuu[ta]; finns understand).

I know finnish group (and all others of course) are doing good job when translating at least core, but there is always missing something from plugins, themes etc.

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Doesn’t seem to be so bad. All official plugins (except for one or two new ones) have been translated by a translation agency quite recently.


“Customize Text” isn’t really made for translating Discourse. It’s – as the name implies – made for customizing text.

You could help translating at It has all the filters you need and please add a comment to a string if you aren’t happy with a translation that has already been reviewed.

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Translation is customization, kind of :wink: But really widely used for translating anyway.

Finnish translations are quite good, but not suitable for me everytime. Then I should not try to change translation itself, but do some customization. Plus it is quite much faster way.

Actually I have to do quite much translating job after every plugin/theme/component and I have still text in english, even on/in/at (I really really hate prepositions) as some warnings from composer. Sure, I can/should do it via official translation, but again — I want it be translated now, not someday. And then option to show not translated strings helps.

The main question is not all possible ways to do translations, but is such option too hard/expensive to code. Other options are good to know, though.