Filter search results solved by specific user

I’d like to be able to use the advanced search filters to find topics solved by specific user. For example, if I go to Search results for '' - Discourse Meta and enter in the search field (@awesome_username status:solved) the results will show the topics that are solved and that @awesome_username participated in, but what if I want the topics that are solved by @awesome_username?

Is this a feature request or a support topic? I’m not sure but I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

You can check the activity in their profile. This are the topics you solved

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Hi @Moin

Thank you! Those are the topics I solved but my question is about topics that are solved by another member.

@JammyDodger , thanks for adding the tags! Although I’d have to go to the specific user’s profile and not have that appear in the search results, I think it’s okay. However, including that as a feature in search would be helpful because then I could filter out the post such as to only include ones that I posted in, I read, or even a particular date. If possible I could see the posts solved only by a certain group rather than just one user. (I know I could do all this using Data Explorer plugin …) :slight_smile:

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