Seeing assigned topics in advanced search

I am writing a tool to help my team find their assigned topics by user. I was trying to put together a search query that would be something like:

@username assigned:staffmember in:solved 

or other similar things. Is this possible? I saw that @tobiaseigen seemed to be doing something similar here: Searching "Solved" posts but I can’t seem to replicate this.

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The search query you wrote above works for me on my site.

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So I checked again and I am still seeing errant responses. So as a quick test I just tried to query (sans a username) what topics were assigned to me that were in solved. I can confirm there are about 350 or so topics that meet these criterion. I only get 6 responses back.

So then I tried one that I know for certain is accurate, it is still not displayed.

Topic Entry:

As you can see here it is in fact assigned to me and marked solved:

Search Results:

Here are the results I get from executing what I imagine would be a 1:1 match.

and those topics were started by turbochip? and you are looking in topics, not messages? If you are looking for results in messages, you need to select the “in my messages” filter.


That is correct, the topic was started by that user and yes I am looking inside of all topics not messages.
Its quite strange. If I load up /latest?assigned=me&solved=yes I can see the topic in that list I just for some reason cannot get it any other way.

Additionally if I search for just plain old: assigned:jordan_hms in:solved I only see 6 responses but 3 of them are invalid (not assigned to me). I have well over 300 topics currently marked solved and assigned to me.

And you are obviously logged in when searching right? These topics you have access to?


Yep, that would be embarrassing haha.

I tried searching in messages to to no avail.

Are you on an old version of Discourse @jordan1909? If it works for Tobias it should work for you.