Filter topics without a specific tag

Is there a way to filter topics that do not have a specific tag?

Use categories? Search?

Search doesn’t seem to do as needed in my specific case.

So as I process topics, I assign them with a particular staff only tag. Our forum is being overwhelmed with new topics and I’m looking to find a way to filter/search for threads that do not have a particular tag.

Using advanced searches and putting in any tag that is not the staff tag also shows some threads with the staff tag and the searched tag for all results.

Am I making any sense? :smiley:


The UI does “topics that have a particular tag”

AFAIK there is no front-end way of doing
“topics that don’t have a particular tag”

However, such topics could be found by either using the Data Explorer plugin or the database console.

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There is a PR for a not operator


What exactly is a pull request? sorry, I’m not a smart person :smiley:

Meaning the functionality is a work-in-progress, code was written to support it, but it hasn’t been merged in yet.


ohhh, thanks cpradio. I’ll stick to manual work then for now at a cost to my own sanity! Thanks all.

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Hi, was this ever implemented?

We have an Ideas & feedback category in our forums, and I want to sort it by Votes, and filter out topics tagged as ‘Implemented’, so I can show my manager what the current top voted feature requests are (but not the ones we’ve already done).

I know I can exclude tags using -tag in the search query, but I’d like to be able to do it in the category view, e.g. using -implemented or !implemented.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 11.31.48

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Is the topic list filter an option for you?
There you can exclude tags from the topic view.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try. :+1:

Edit: hmm, so it’s not bad, but it doesn’t look like you can order the results by number of replies or votes, unless I’m mistaken?