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Sorry, what is your question? I do not understand.

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We needs to do filtering by tags on a custom page, similar to Latest. This custom page has already been done, but we cannot do tag filtering.
Here is what we need:


I would also vote for this. Filtering based on multiple tags is a good ideas and does narrow down to what we are going for.
Specially for a website which used main category as languages and tags are the main categories, this feature would be a blessing.

I for one love Discourse Popular Tag Sidebar, which facilitates filtering by tags within categories. It only works with one tag at a time, though. I don’t know if there is a way to filter by category and then keep adding tags to filter by to narrow results. I also would find that to be interesting (e.g. topics about citizenship rights and kenya), and seem to recall it’s come up here before as a feature request. Right now the only way to do that is to have a category about citizenship rights and tag topics in that category with kenya.


I think filtering by multiple tags is something we should support, we already have pieces of it in place — like search and tag intersection pages: Topics tagged docker & email.

One of the benefits of tags is that they’re not as limited as categories, but our breadcrumb nav limits them as if they are categories.


I vote for this feature because, A lot of people need them for topic search detail. Can we move search multi tag in advanced search to home page?


Voting for this very important feature.

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Has this been added as a feature? If not, are we close? Thank you, and I hope all is well!

I’m not entirely sure what this topic is about and what the ask is. We have advanced search, and we have intersection pages that can be reached by URL.

Maybe you’re wanting the Knowledge Explorer Plugin? I really like how that interface allows selecting multiple tags to drill down by tags. Can be seen here on meta:

The tags page is still fairly basic - as it is now we use it for managing tags but not so much for exploring and accessing discussions. It falls into disrepair regularly, and I often feel like hiding it from the hamburger menu and disallowing access to it by users entirely.

Maybe an upgrade would be to allow the knowledge explorer plugin to hijack the /tags route and so users can go there and start drilling down into the content as they see fit?

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In the case where a community has decided tags only/no categories, users may wish to remove content from their tag searches (by selecting multiple tags from the tag filter dropdown, without being educated on, or inconvenienced by, more advanced search. For example,

If I have a post that is tagged “water”, “hydrology”, “site design”, “permaculture”, and “soil-water dynamics”

AND another post that is tagged “water”, “cost structure”, “urban infrastructure” and “municipal planning”

The tag filter “water” would bring them both up, but the results wouldn’t be too related – only by the word “water.” If a user could search “water” and “permaculture”, then that would eliminate one of the two.

Maybe you could show us a mockup of what you have in mind. Hard to guess what you are describing precisely if knowledge explorer and advanced search don’t do the job for you. They are powerful and super useful for drilling down by multiple tags as well as search and other criteria.

I think what’s desired here is not merely the existence of the filtering functionality, but for it to be discoverable and usable by people in a natural way. The fact that the tag intersection URL exists doesn’t really help these people when the UI will never generate that URL for them.


That makes sense. People in my org are asking for it too. But the knowledge explorer and advanced search do a pretty darn good job already.

Would be interesting to see ideas for other improvements.

Scroll up. @Timon1507 mocked it up Feb 2019.

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Ah - I missed that and didn’t realize that was what you were talking about.

Are you sure the advanced search doesn’t suffice? To get what you’re talking about, it looks like a redesign of the topic list navigation would be required, e.g. choose a category, choose a tag and then be able to narrow down further by choosing additional tags. Then of course you’d want to be able to expand again by removing tags, etc. Lots of thinking to put into this.

I think the functionality of the knowledge explorer might be a good model for this, though the UI would want to be different. I really like how it changes the available categories and tags for narrowing down further based on what you’ve already searched for or selected. Also how it tells you how many results there are for the remaining options.


Advanced search should suffice. Multiple tag users are already so incredibly rare, they are the elite / expert users anyhow. Search should be second nature to expert users.


We have just started looking in to this in the context of building a user-generated library of resources. For example, users could add tutorials and we’d require some tag sets like Blender version, subject matter and difficulty level. We’d like to build a ‘search filter’ that allows them to quickly select these tags from lists and show the results in a thumbnail gallery, or to ‘drill down’ to find what they need. For this use case we’d need to be able to show a topics list filtered by > 1 tag.


I don’t have an exact solution yet, but I recently pushed a new component for our tags intersection feature (which is still not discoverable if you don’t know it).

You can try it at :

Note that foo absolutely needs to be a valid tag.


Fantastic, that should work just fine for us. Thanks!


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