Finding FA icon deprecation


I’m wondering if anyone has a hint about how to locate where an FA icon deprecation is taking place? For instance, right now I have a repeated error message:

FA icon deprecation: replace “credit-card”" with “far-credit-card”.

I’ve searched the CSS, etc. for the theme and all theme components with no luck. How else might I locate where this deprecated icon is being requested in the codebase?

I think most of them are there:


Thanks @Arkshine!

Could it be the case that a theme component or a plugin is overriding this file? If so, how to locate that error?

Oh sorry, misread. I thought you wanted the replacements list.

To know what plugin/components are using a deprecated icon, I guess one way is to try to look at the browser console:

You can see there is a hint, you see “babble” plugin is involved.

Another way could be just searching directly on the plugins/compnonents github repositories.


We have updated all deprecated icon names in core and in our official plugins. If you are up to date and see this warning still, then it means that it’s in a theme, non-official plugin, custom badge or group flair.


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