First Quote Badge awarded after a month

Today I was awarded First Quote badge for a post which I wrote more than a month ago. Is there’s some issue with timings of the badge? See the badge awarded

Now see the date of the post for which this badge is awarded


Can you test this on try and see if it works as expected @tshenry?

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I just earned the badge on this site for a post from 6 days ago. And I’m virtually certain it’s not my first quote here.

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Can you think of any reason this would have regressed @sam?

Maybe the bug @david talked about where our scheduler was clogged that @tgxworld fixed?


I got both First Quote and First Emoji today - but they apply to prior dates.

I was awarded the Wiki Editor and First Quote badge today as well, although they were completed prior.

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On try, I received the First Quote badge/notification about 5 seconds after posting my first quote, so working as expected there.


Not that it’s a particularly big deal, but I got awarded First Quote for a post I made back in August last year. :upside_down_face:

Yeah these issues are specific to meta per @sam and @tgxworld

Technically this is a long standing bug in mini_scheduler but the queue starvation problem only got exposed on specific sites where we enabled a problem schedule.

We will get this properly sorted soon.



Looks like the quoted post was created here:

So looks like the scheduler is all right, the record was created just recently.

This post was rebaked a few days ago.

So somehow the quoted_post record only got created then.

I went ahead and fixed quoted_post so we stop destroying the record each time a rebake happens per this somewhat tricky commit:

I also picked a slightly better poison for the “grant date” we grant the badge at the date the post was originally created which may be different to the data a quote was inserted.


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