[Fixed] Discourse not sending activation email on sign-up or forgotten passwords

Not requesting support. I’m posting to share what happened in case someone in similar situation is looking for a solution.

For some time now we noticed that our 1-year-old Discourse instance was not sending confirmation email for users signing up.

I tried sending test emails; they worked without a hitch. I checked our settings; nothing seemed out of place.I tried searching here; I couldn’t find any solution. I disabled our plugins and rebuilt the app; didn’t work.

But just as I was about to ask for support, I rechecked our settings one last time and found the cause.


We thought setting this to “non-staff” would disable email digests to non-staff users.

Sure enough, it says “any kind of emails” but a warning would probably help, like “Warning: Setting this to “yes” or “non-staff” would prevent user signups on your Discourse instance.” or something to that effect.

Also, another confusing thing is that when a user signs up, a message would pop out that an email has been sent when in fact it wasn’t. So at first we actually thought it was a problem with our email provider.


Anyway, now that the cause have been found, I hope this post would help someone else if their settings have been misconfigured.

Thanks for creating and improving Discourse!


There is a global banner, but I think it would be good if the registration page would refuse to work rather than silently fail.


To be fair it does say right there in your screenshot that this setting disables any kind of email.

It reminds me of when I constantly got lost in Paris’s subway despite all information being written and available.

There might be areas for improvement for people who are very new to this :slight_smile: