FKB Pro - Social theme

Hi, I am facing this issue when I hide my sidebar.

Sidebar is not hidden(It is showing perfectly)

Sidebar when hidden

This only happens when I am on the latest tab with the sidebar hidden and with other tabs it works perfectly fine.

Please help me with this.


When iPad is horizontally the sidebar (default one by Discourse) isn’t scrollable.

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Thanks! Works now.

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Hello @Don, Excellent theme and thank you so much. Is there theme settings to use FKB Pro theme on ONLY selected categories? When you click All categories, I can see List View (default discourse view). For example, Category A shows a list view (default discourse view), Category B shows FKB Pro theme view.

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  1. I use Discourse offical, Calendar Event plugin. I can create post with events and after created, plugin adds below screen into the post. Could you show event screen in the list page, so users can interact and click on Going, interested, not going buttons?
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Hello @Nihat_Demir :wave:

Thank for the kind words :heart:

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately this is not possible with this theme.
I think you can use this Topic List Previews Theme Component instead of this theme to change the view per category.

I think this one possible with a plugin but not this theme. :confused:

How did you make embeds appear in posts in home topics?

Thanks for creating! Been playing around - looks really cool.
It seems there are a few accessibility issues though. Not big ones, mostly around the tags, photo and the contrast colors for var(–primary-med-or-secondary-med).

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you @Don

hello @Don
Thank you very much for your beautiful theme

How to keep and scroll comment form?
After opening the topic, How to setup this comment form Keep and Scroll on discourse, even when user is not logged in? Thanks everyone

Great theme!

Is there a way to only use one part of this theme, in particular, how posts are displayed in the “Latest” view? E.g.

Not sure if it’s my problem - but the FKB theme seems to be broken after a recent update to discourse

Hello, I have one more request from you. I want to hide the places I marked in the picture, how can I hide them on both mobile and desktop computers.

I struggled a bit, I couldn’t do it, I would be very grateful if you could help me, thank you very much in advance.

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using english translation, i think those are the category breadcrumb dropdown and category nav filter.

try this in common css of a component.

.category-breadcrumb {
    display: none;

#navigation-bar {
   li.nav-item_categories {
     display: none;

It’s ok, now it’s as I wanted, thank you very much, I’m glad you’re here

I want to hide the categories from the side navigation menu, how can I hide it?

I have hidden all of them from the administration panel, but still the categories are visible. I want to hide the categories from the side navigation menu. I would appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

See also attached image:
This is the result from the up-scaling as seen on the dashboard.
The original one looks like this.

Is there a way to prevent this ugly up-scaling?



Welcome, Will! :blob_wave:

The issue lays here:

<div class="topic-image" style="background: url(;background-position: center;background-repeat: no-repeat;background-size: cover;"></div>

Remove background-size: cover;, or add:

.topic-image {
    background-size: auto !important;

in your theme or a new component if you can’t edit the component that creates these thumbnails.

edit: it seems your use this theme: FKB Pro - Social theme
I’ll move your topic in the dedicated topic. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the welcome and suggestion @Canapin.
And yes - this is the right theme.

As I’m a real newbie here:
I have no idea where to make this change.
Could you point me in the right direction?

Thank you - Will

Unless the author (Hi Don!) thinks it’s a welcome addition to change this, here’s what you can do:

  1. In your admin panel, go to Customize → Themes → Components.
    Click the Install button at the bottom of the list.

  2. Click + Create new, choose a name (like “Custom CSS”, “Theme tweaks”, anything that you’d like and is descriptive enough), and click Create.

  3. Include the theme component in the FKB Pro theme:

  4. Click Edit CSS/HTML, go to the CSS tab. Write:

    .topic-image {
        background-size: auto !important;

    Click Save.

That should fix your issue. :slight_smile: