Flair image and Admin Icon next to my username not visible

Hello, I like forums, and had and yet have (xenforo, IPS, woltlab) Forums. Somebody installed for 2 days Discourse forum for me and is not to easy in APC. So, I add Flair Image to admins, for now only me. In settings is all ok, but guests, member and me self don t see Flair Image in Posts. Second, my Admin Icon next to my Username is not visible too. I don t know what to do, I ve read many Articles here. Thanks for your Help. I like Solarized Light Theme, Discourse is very nice.

What admin icon do you talk about? Is it the moderator shield? You have to be moderator for that to appear

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You have right. But I don t have moderator shield as visible.

Moderator shield resolved, only Flair Image is not visible yet.