Flashing video preview during editing

Hi Discourse team,

We’ve been using Discourse for several years, and generally I really like it, thanks!
One issue though that has been bugging me for a while-

I often include mp4 videos in my posts. The preview of the video shows up in the preview pane correctly, but if I then continue to type more text above or below it before hitting reply, the image flashes off and on with every single keypress. It doesn’t make it completely unusable, but it does give me a bit of a headache to try and type a long reply with this S :camera_flash: T :camera_flash: R :camera_flash: O :camera_flash: B :camera_flash: E effect going on!
I’m using Chrome in case that’s relevant. I didn’t test in other browsers. I can capture a video of it if you can’t reproduce it.



Yes please, a video recording will be helpful.

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Hi @osioke,
Here’s a recording:

I realise I can hide the preview pane while editing, so it’s not really that big of a deal, but if there is any easy fix to stop this it would be nice.


I implemented an experimental site setting “enable diffhtml preview” (default off) which makes the composer preview a bit smarter and does not restart animations. Enabling this setting should fix your problem.