Flashing warning when adding Font Awesome 5 to Discourse

On self-hosted discourse instance, v2.0.0.beta2 +40, when logged in as basic user with no admin / moderation capability I am seeing the flashing warning with no explanation. The reason for it is recently installed https and need to enable a setting, but this warning shouldn’t be shown to regular users I would think.

Why I’m getting the warning:

Your website is using SSL. Butforce_httpsis not yet enabled in your site settings.

What basic users see:


What you mean by “flashing warning” and where it was displayed? It is designed to display only inside the admin dashboard. Can you share you a screenshot?

I actually can’t get rid of it now even though I checked enable force https. I see it on posts, not just in admin. Closed tab, hard refresh, logged in and out. This screenshot is from my admin account. I also see it on basic account as well in posts.

See gif:


That animated question/exclamation gif icon is not a core feature. One of the plugin you are using should be the reason for that.


There are no plugins installed. Perhaps it’s a theme?

Have you tried safe-mode?


Got it. I put font awesome script into header <script defer src="https://use.fontawesome.com/releases/v5.0.6/js/all.js"></script>. I guess that was causing it, although when I initially inserted it two days ago I didn’t get the warning. Must be a more efficient way to add font awesome icons that are not available in discourse, that is topic for another post though. For now have used one that is supported out of the box by discourse.


We will eventually upgrade from Font Awesome 4 (which we already use heavily for the glyphs in Discourse) to Font Awesome 5. What’s so urgent that you needed 5 right now, just out of curiosity?

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Awesome! Honestly, I was trying to use an external link alt icon that wasn’t supported. But I’m totally fine with the regular external link icon and now using that which works. So nothing urgent.



this is awesome on font awesome 5.1.0,


FA5 was added in 2.2.0.beta5, and has since been released to stable as well.

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