Floored. Discuss support R.O.C.K.S

My team and I are evaluating Discourse for the Quantified Self Forum. Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve been doing for the past 40 minutes.

UPDATE: In the meantime I have worked on migrating our MyBB forum to Discourse, and have reported a bunch of issues I’ve found. This seems to have annoyed Jeff Atwood, who told me to get off the site for a while.

Not that I needed to calm down or anything, but Jeff’s the boss so I took a day off on Sunday.

On Monday when I came back on the site, I found that several threads that people have given me help in, were deleted by Jeff. For example,




This is quite baffling.


See, this is why you should become a hosted customer :wink:



I now visit meta as much as I do my own forum. Great software, great community. Glad to be apart of it.


Can’t make likes right now, but wanted to chime in and agree fully with @chapel. Meta is a new home for me and I feel like I’m part of something big. I just ordered my sandbox SSD after waiting nearly a month to do it and can’t wait to get it, install it and really dig deep into Discourse. I find it funny I have visited so much here but haven’t been able to truly try the admin side of Discourse yet. (Good things happen to those who wait)