Focus in 'Edit Assignment' dialog

We’ve started a new procedure where we re-assign threads in a certain state to the Community Management team.

So I pick ‘Edit Assignment’ from the dropdown and a modal pops up with the screen underneath greyed out.

(Even though experience has taught me better) I assume focus is in the Assignee field and begin typing: Com

Nothing in the popup changes and dimly through the dark-grey mask, I can see that the reply pane has opened in the underlying thread. (I guess ‘c’ is a ‘compose’ shortcut?)

When the Reassign Topic dialog is opened, can focus please be put automatically in the Assignee field?


It is! I’ve been caught accidentally triggering keyboard shortcuts a few times when a pop-up modal isn’t given focus. I think it’s an easy problem to fix. A similar issue was fixed here: Change owner - no focus anymore on text box.

Maybe this topic should be recategorized to ux.


When I open the ‘Assign’ dialog, focus is in the field…