Change owner - no focus anymore on text box

Hello dears.

I’ve noticed that lately (not sure when it started), when we try to “Change Owner” of a topic, it don’t have the focus.

I mean, we need to move the mouse, and click the text box.


The behavior before was, after choosing “Change Owner”, we could simply start typing (focus was already in the text box).

Not sure if this is a real bug, but i would like to have old behavior back. :slight_smile:

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I can reproduce this on my site. I’m also not sure if this would be classified as a bug or a UX issue. One thing that could make it a bug is that when focus isn’t given to an input, it’s easy to accidentally trigger a Discourse keyboard command.

I’m also seeing the lack of focus issue on the form used to invite users to a PM. I’m using the latest Chrome browser on Ubuntu.


Yes. Exactly what happens to me all the time. :slight_smile:

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As long as it doesn’t mess up mobile, I support fixing this @eviltrout


I added a simple autofocus attribute which seems to work for this modal in a safe way: