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I’m considering to add an option to include an email footer into any email sent from discourse (legal compliance with my local regulations EU/es).
I’m supposed to indicate the user email is registered in the database, and remind them
about their right to cancel their account, and the way to do it…

I was wondering if I can do such thing via plugin (I didn’t have time to look at the API yet),
or shall I go and send a pull request for discourse itself ?


See also this related feature request:

I guess you mean something like:

(Taken from a spanish shop) :sunny: :sunrise:

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IANAL, and I tried to talk to some email professionals about EU-specific regulations for non-unsolicited, transactional email (like Discourse notifications) … but they didn’t know of any additional requirements other than what’s included via CAN-SPAM. In other words, in practice many email pro’s consider the US regulations enough to cover what’s also needed for the EU. (I don’t know in reality if this is actually enough, but someone else might know.)

For CAN-SPAM in the USA, email notifications from an interactive system like Discourse are not considered commercial messages; rather, they are considered transactional in nature, and are therefore not subject to the additional requirements of the law such as providing physical location information or requiring opt-out information.

That said, it’s always good to have a way for people to control what email they get, and fortunately we already have that with Discourse in the footers with a link to user preferences.


@moter8 example is what I’m trying to get, EU directives are not equally transposed to every country in EU (yes, a mess…), so that’s the case in Spain , where my forum lives :frowning:, here you also have to register your database in the AGPD ( )

I’m willing to spend some time working on the feature.

Anyway, for common sense what @downey says is what it should be but it isn’t, at least since the last time I readed the law, said that, @downey, I’m going to review the current state of the law in Spain to make sure transactional emails need it, I don’t like spending my time in useless things.


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We now support customizable e-mail templates:


It would be great to have the ability to add a site-wide email header and/or footer. Is there a feature request for this?


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