For settings use one spelling for names, e.g. color or colour

Wanted to find staff colour in settings but being American used color and not colour. In checking why it failed noticed the spelling was British.

So tried both spellings as a search to see the what happens, sure enough they are different.



No colour here as far as I can see…

cooldown minutes after hiding posts.

Look at the bolds, we do a fuzzy search.

Tagging this staff-experience maybe there are some extra UX tweaks we can make.


AFAIK there isn’t a staff colour setting? Only in the customise > colours where you can change the colour of it?

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It came from


Typo @JammyDodger made, he is Brit[ou]ish


FWIW I do use the actual name of the settings when it’s a site_setting, though tend to stick to my natural spellings for general descriptions and conversation. I think I do make more of an effort for category names and descriptions, but that’s about my limit. :slight_smile:

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And out (or in… how we see that :smirk: ) there is huge amount of us non-native english writers. We finns learn more or less oxfordtype english (RP) in school, but the real using language comes from US tv-series. And in the real-real world we are equally bad at both forms :wink:

Meaning that we — or I — we have very strong builded barriers not to use sentences as no one didn’t do nothing but at the same time we — or I — have zero understanding how and when to use god cursed prepositions. We can book a hotel room, we can sip martinis in livingroom shoes on, but we just can’t small talk.

But my main point is we — or I — can’t see the difference between color and colour when typing and writing. That’s why it would be nice if there would be a solution to get search results everytime in both forms no matter if there is in use english (US), english (UK) or any other about dozen of native english… englishes :thinking:

Lift or elevator… who cares, but color and colour should be handled equally.

Is this bigger question? Not really, jus nice touch and gesture.