Force direct to a certain topic on OIDC user's first login?

I came across this topic on the subject, and it had me wondering if we could do the same but for OIDC users connecting that wouldn’t be through an invite.

I saw @AlexDev’s reply that:

On enterprise, how could this be done?

What problem is being redirected to a particular topic going to solve?

I sort-of solved a similar problem recently with a theme component that redirected to a group page for users who hadn’t joined a group. You can make the group description something like “by clicking the join button I agree to the privacy terms”.

A similar trick could be used to redirect to a topic using some other available data in the current_user load that you could then get to change.

I suppose I really like the idea of everyone who first joins the community starts at a getting started topic that we can write up as the ideal guide that we want to be sure every user indeed gets directed to, automatically, at least once.

The current_user object includes a read_faq value. In a theme component could redirect all users to the /faq page until they have read that topic. I’m pretty sure that “read” means “scrolled to the bottom of”.