Forum crawls links in email-in messages

So we’ve discovered that the forum is crawling all the links in email-in messages. (Or possibly it crawls all posted links?)

Are there any settings to change this, either entirely, or to blacklist particular URLs?

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Can you give some more details about what you are trying to prevent from happening?

Isn’t this just our standard Onebox feature?

You can use the blocked onebox domains site setting to block it.

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We were experimenting to see whether we could use our forum to receive moderation messages from another site, but the forum was automatically following the “approve new user” or “ban user” links.

These URLs were posted as anchor tags, not bare URLs. Would the onebox code still visit the pages even though it can’t turn them into oneboxes?

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Is enable inline onebox on all domains enabled?

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It is. But won’t it not apply? The allowed inline onebox domains setting says “if linked without a title”.

The links get posted as lines like this (converted from <a> tags in the email):

[Approve the new account](URL)