Forum shows Oops message

(Jay Pfaffman) #21

I can’t know.

If the problem is that your app.yml file has some kind of formatting error, it will fix that. You can then go about adding back the plugins.

(Ankur) #22

Copied default app.yml file but still stops showing --retry 3 --jobs 4
Now there is no error in app.yml @codinghorror please help


Sorry not an immediate fix but what about clean rebuild of server and restore from backup? (assuming you have a recent backup?)

(Ankur) #24

This error occurred when I added a plugin URL to app.yml and run ./launcher rebuild app
Nothing was changed except this addition.
Now I have changed app.yml to default but the error still stops rebuild app
I am unable to understand what is wrong with it?


How long did you wait at the bundel installiert point? Depending on your Hardware specs and networkspeed, this could take a while.

Do you fit the hardware requirements?

(Brad Kelly) #26

Same here, mate. Please ping me once you happen to find solution

(Jay Pfaffman) #27

Likely problems are that you don’t have the right yaml indentation or the plugin you added is broken.

What plugin did you add? What error did you see on rebuild?