Forum stats and admin dashboard should be admin only

Not sure why anyone would have difficulty understanding the stats tbh. Also, not sure why mods are able to see them anyway - forum statistics should be admin-only.


This is now turning into a community type of topic so I won’t mind if someone can split these into a separate topic.

what I understand from the discourse philosophy is that moderators are the real heroes in the community. They look after everything that is happening around whereas Admins are meant to take care of the technical side of things. I don’t think it would be a good idea not to let them see if their efforts to build a community are actually working or not.


I agree with @itsbhanusharma we have no intention to change it so forum stats are disabled for mods.

Long term … maybe … maybe if there is a stronger concept of category moderation this will become a thing.

In the near/medium future I oppose even to a site setting that enables hiding reports to mods, it would have to be a strong demand from a customer to change my mind here.


I’m looking forward to the opposite – being able to grant access for mods to run data explorer reports from the dashboard.


Long term I see “dashboard v2/3” allowing you to compose panels as you wish, and sourcing panels from data explorer.

Adding reports from data explorer seems like a great little stepping stone (as is a “reports index” page)


I could also see a benefit to being able to show the stats to non mods, say on a group basis. We have colleagues who care about stats and ask about them, but they do not need the moderator privileges.