Help us build the new 2.0 Dashboard

We have redesigned our admin dashboard at /admin

In the next days I will be finishing this and moving towards a v1 which will be in the next Discourse release. Please refrain yourself to write a long bug report for a few more days, I will post it when I think “it’s done”, but do try it and please give us an early feedback on what you can try and this mockup. I’m very excited to finish this and give you this new dashboard. One of my personal goals with this revamped dashboard is also to make it very easy for plugins to add charts on this page.

This topic will be dedicated to every issue/feedback you have until we consider it stable.

Thanks to @HAWK @awesomerobot @gerhard @erlend_sh @eviltrout @sam who are also part of this work.

If you have any ideas for longer term changes that go beyond simple bug fixes please post in the #dashboard tag.


Apologies all, but as with lots of these feedback topics on beta features… the conversation rots really really fast cause stuff is changes so fast.

To remedy this I deleted everything but the OP. Sorry :weary:

In much happier news :rainbow: big changes to: https://YOURSITE/admin/dashboard-next today as of:

  • Inactive user panel was replaced with “posts”

  • Trends are now calculated as compared to previous period. So when looking at trend on a month it compares to last month. When looking at trend on a week it compares to last week.

  • MAU/DAU is now a proper “percent” graph with percent symbols to minimize confusion

  • Lots of concurrency issues were fixed, when switching intervals some real weird things happened in the past

  • Search is now sorted in a sane way, (I do not think I need to explain) also added CTR there which is a good metric ™ to have. That allows you to “act” on terms that people search for but are not clicking through.

  • UTC dates were kind of messed up in the various periods leading to weird reports containing partial data, this is cleaned up.

  • Search only shows “last week”, it does not scope to the “panels”, this simplifies the UX cause it becomes less confusing to see how stuff is scoped

  • All and Day periods were removed, both caused confusion

  • Camel hump is removed from all graphs, which were grouping on full months on the yearly which causes very confusing graphs.

There is still much left to do here, but the plan is to swap over /admin to show this dashboard vs what we have now early/mid next week.

Prior to the switch we need to:

  • Ensure we still display version info an install warnings

  • Add a link to the old dashboard

  • Review SQL on the dashboard to ensure that loading it will not time out sites

Once we switch we will focus on refinements for the next week two. Keep in mind that we are not planning any radical changes over what exists in the new dashboard now.

For some crazy reason people don’t seem committed to meta during Christmas/New Year

GDPR has 43-58% CTR so yay for acronyms.


2 posts were split to a new topic: Forum stats and admin dashboard should be admin only

A post was split to a new topic: Include graphs of previous trend on the dashboard

Some more fixes / improvements today … and a minor purge:

  • Fixed dashboard mau/dau not loading for thanks to @bartv

  • Fixed error in console parsing dates from message bus thanks to @bartv

  • @jerdog / @AstonJ you can now click through to the detailed graph by clicking graph title, and amend dates to suit

  • @AstonJ link at the bottom on new dashboard to old dashboard

  • @HAWK / @codinghorror /admin is now the new dashboard

  • Fixed caching on new dashboard json

  • Moved problem detection and version to new dashboard (and moved off old dashboard)

  • Added pageviews line

  • Fixed persian not loading any dashboard thanks to @Pad_Pors

Build is still in the over … should be ready soon


  • Figure out way search stats is not working for @8BIT

  • @balibebas do you mind opening a dedicated topic specifying what you mean by “community influencers based on trust level” ideally with a mockup, so we can track it for future improvements to the dashboard.

  • Add hyperlinks for users counts


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More changes by myself and @joffreyjaffeux since last update

  • Added top referred topics and cut down number of trending search results

  • Link to search logs

  • Users per type and per trust level link to the user list

  • Daily engaged users now averages the user count, vs summing (which was very wrong)



Similar issue here to @8BIT - I’m finding a page refresh of the entire Dashboard can leave one or more (usually one) of the graphs spinning for me … (but great progress thank you)

The ones that do come up come up pretty quickly.

The site i’ve updated it on is very low load, but only a 2GB, 2 core V-machine.


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Folks, this is great! Made my life easier :relieved:

But there is something I don’t understand:

Why the first one is showing a decrease and the second an increase? The time period is the same.

PS: the correct one is in Posts chart, the number decreased comparing to previous month


9 posts were split to a new topic: Add “All” timeframe to dashboard

Cleaning up topic:

Once this builds we are cutting a new beta


I’m still seeing the super-wide tables in the dashboard in Firefox:

I also note that all of the “monthly” graphs only have one date on them at present (May 1), and it’s rotated by about 15 degrees – so it’s not clear which data point it’s referring to:


I’d recommend maybe rotating it to be completely vertical, so it lines up with its data point more clearly. :wink:

Another suggestion I’d make would be to move the account stuff to the bottom. For me at least this isn’t something I’m interested in most of the time – I know already how often we get invoiced and how to get in touch etc. When I go to the dashboard, what I’m looking for is, well, the dashboard – so it should, in my opinion, be the first thing you see.

Suggestions and bug reports notwithstanding, this new dashboard is a huge improvement over the old one. This is great work by the whole Discourse team! :smiley:

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Firefox 60 on Windows 10 (1803)


Hmm, that’s very odd. I’ve created a PR to correct the issue in any case:


Firefox sure is odd, merged that in thanks :heart:

Also this little bit of crazy is needed:


No problem. :slight_smile:

Out of idle curiosity, any reason why the new dashboard was built with flexbox, rather than CSS grid? I suspect grid might have been a little easier to work with for such a griddy layout…


Flexbox works much better in IE11 than grid does (IE11 only partially supports an old grid spec).


How about adding the weekday to all dates, e. g. here:

I can much more understand the meaning of a value, if the date says

Fr, 2018-05-11

instead of just


In my opinion this should apply to all places where a date is being shown, e. g. here, too: