Forum stuck on loading wheel when trying to load posts


Our forum seems to get stuck trying to load a post when you click on it, or try and open up a category.

Just want to know what’s going wrong? Here is a link to the forum -

Here is the video showing the problem - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

This link doesn’t load for me, as there is no DNS entry for this domain.

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thanks for the reply.

Sorry I am a complete noob, how do I go about fixing the no DNS entry?

Looks like you use Cloudflare for handling the DNS for You need to create an entry for the gov subdomain in the Cloudflare administrative panel pointing to the place where you are hosting that Discourse instance. Usually that is one entry of the type A with the IPv4 address of the server where Discourse is/will be running


How did you install Discourse? Did you do a Standard Install?