FR: add all emoji flags


Over at the Fairphone forum, there’s some Dutchies that use :nl:, but it doesn’t display as a flag. Would be nice if the Dutch flag could be included in the emoji set.

Maybe it’s even an idea to create a new tab with only flags (rather than putting them under the travel tab).

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is a function of the Emoji set itself and should be discussed with them, not us… That said you can add custom Emoji already.


Which is/I can find where? (sorry, I’m just a lazy end-user in this case, going one step upstream from where the issue was experienced - i.e. on the Fairphone forum)

Is that something the admins of the respective forum can do? In that case I’ll open an issue in their meta channel.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Admin, Customize, Emoji

Make sure it’s not already in the full set, for example at

(Stefano Costa) #5

Since EmojiOne has flags for all countries in the world and even more (Antarctica!), it would be easier to enable a 1:1 mapping between the emoji set(s) and what is available in Discourse. Where do I need to start looking apart from /lib/emoji/db.json if I want to try crafting a pull request?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Let’s see if @eviltrout knows.

(Robin Ward) #7

The problem is we need the emoji to be present in every set right now, as we don’t support having an emoji present in emoji one but not, say, twitter.

You can look at our emoji extractor codebase to see how the various sets are extracted.

(Stefano Costa) #8

That makes sense, of course.

It seems Apple, Emoji One and Twitter all have many/all flags and after some digging also Google Noto Emoji apparently is equipped with 200+ region flags: noto-emoji/third_party/region-flags at master · googlei18n/noto-emoji · GitHub even though it’s beyond me how that git repo is structured, let alone how the final images are generated.

(Robin Ward) #9

There should be a README in the subdirectory of each one. However if you can show me an example of an image that exists in all the 4 sets but does not exist in Discourse, I’d like to look into that.