Free Hosting Plan and AWS

Hello all,

would it be possible to combine a free Creators plan according to with a AWS S3 for extended storage? I have checked in a friend’s site and it was not immediately obvious if the directions given in Set up file and image uploads to S3 would apply.

In this installation, I only found a setting called s3 use cdn url for all uploads and s3 use acls. Thanks for any insights.

Not directly; on the hosted plans we manage the AWS S3 settings and uploads and you’re not in control of it.

If you have large media content (e.g. videos), you can still host it in an S3 bucket you own and link to it instead of uploading it to the site.


If you allow a follow-up here:
Is the storage quota a hard limit, or would it allow taking appropriate actions even if already slightly over the limit?

It’s a soft limit.

If you do go over the limit, someone may get in touch with you to discuss options (changing plan, compressing/downsizing images, etc.).


Thanks a lot for your kind support.

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