Irrelevant “free” disk usage numbers

If you have uploads and/or backups set to go to S3 the free disk space numbers on the admin dashboard are misleading.

The 21.6 GB free is the amount of free space on the server hosting Discourse not on the S3 bucket hosting the uploads and backups.

Not a bug, that is how it is supposed to work.

I see what you mean. So this is a feature request to have the free space available on the host displayed elsewhere or at least not displayed when using S3 backed storage.

Space on host is critical I want that always displayed, if you reallly reallly really don’t want to show this, why not simply add a css rule?

I’m happy to have the space available on the Discourse host displayed somewhere. I just don’t think next to the uploads and backups numbers is the appropriate place when the uploads and backups are stored on a host with essentially unlimited space. It makes it look like Amazon only has 21.6 GB of free space.


Where would you put it?

Maybe another column named “system”? with the space available listed next to it?

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