Is there a completely free way to install Discourse?

(Cody Mitchell) #1

I really blunt question. Is there any completely free ways to install discourse. I am a beginner so simple terms would be great!


Free as in terms of having a free server to host it? or free as installing it on your own server?

If you are looking for the second one, then yes, there is a free way to install discourse, I used this one discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Stephen) #3

You’re very unlikely to find something truly free that will host discourse. The $10/month DigitalOcean install is one of the cheapest options that makes sense and if you’ve no experience with any of this stuff then administration is going to have a fairly steep learning curve in places.

As you’ve already suggested in your other thread you’re going to be better off seeking an alternative.

(Cody Mitchell) #4

Thanks for your reply,
I was thinking having a free server to host it.

(Cody Mitchell) #5

Thanks Steve (I just really like the looks of Discourse :grinning:)
The only other alternative I have found is CodoForum (which looks pretty good - I’m just having some issues setting it up).
Thanks anyway!


But you should be able to earn some money… for example the cheapest way to host it, is through runabove or ovh, about 2,5usd a month for 2gb ram/1cpu or look in lowendtalk forums