Friendly landing page to celebrate new subsciptions

I’m currently working with two clients who are considering Discourse Subscriptions. While demoing the process it was jarring to see the final step in the process from a user perspective:

Congratulations! You paid for a random string![1] I’m not the only one who has noticed this either:

One of the selling points for subscriptions is that users are added to group that has access to a private category. The category’s About topic seems like an ideal place to tell people what they have purchased, add instructions about how to manage their subscription (including a link to their Billing page) and generally thank them for their support.

Adding a landing page to each plan[2] would be the most flexible. For my clients, that would be the About page of the private category.

If no landing page is provided, I suppose redirecting them to the billing tab is better than nothing. Just. That page is spartan and cold. At the risk of feature creep, it would be helpful to have the billing page link to the same per-plan landing page and hide the Stripe key behind a button.

  1. Technically true, but not the message to send to someone who just plopped down hard earned credit who you hope will do it again when the subscription period ends ↩︎

  2. I was originally thinking per product, but groups are assigned per plan. I’m not really sure why this is, though. Do people assign one group for people who pay annually and another for monthly subscribers? ↩︎


This seems totally doable, thanks for the good feature request. I can’t promise when just yet. but I’m definitely going to add this to my to do list for the subscriptions plugin.