Redirect to page after purchase

I have add_model_callback(DiscourseSubscriptions::Customer, :after_save) do ... in a plugin. Most purchases result in a “server” (a custom model) being created. Today, I’ve managed to learn how to make other places where a server gets created transition to the page to configure the new server, with something like

      Server.createServer(server).then((result) => {
        if (result.server) {
          const id =;
          window.location = getURL(`/pfaffmanager/servers/${id}`);

What I’d like to do now is have Discourse similarly redirect to that new page after the “thanks for your purchase” dialog has been dismissed.

I don’t care whether it happens in Rails or Ember, but I guess it needs to happen in Ember? I don’t quite understand (that is, I have no idea, whatsoever) how to hijack extend the controller/model/whatever in the subscriptions plugin from my plugin.

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There’s probably an action closeModal (maybe in the route).

Within that you could perform DiscourseURL.routeTo("/yourdiscourseroute");

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Well, not quite. But, miraculously, that was enough! I found this:

And then I did this!!

      api.modifyClass("controller:subscribe-show", {
        pluginId: "pfaffmanager",
        async _advanceSuccessfulTransaction(plan) {
          window.console.log("modifying subscription!!!", plan, this);
          this.set("loading", false);
          let servers = [];
          servers = await Server.listServers().then((result) => {
            if (currentUser && currentUser.servers !== undefined) {
              servers = currentUser.servers.sort((b, a) => {
                return ("" + a.updated_at).localeCompare(b.updated_at);
              window.console.log("sorted servers", servers);
              if (servers.length > 0) {
                window.console.log(`going to first! ${servers[0].id}`);
              } else {
                window.console.log(`server not found. going to index!`);
              // window.location = getURL(`/`);
              // window.location = getURL(`/pfaffmanager/servers/${id}`);

Which is so very, fary, close. The issue now is that there is a race condition, as the add_model_callback(DiscourseSubscriptions::Customer, :after_save) do might not be finished before I do my ajax query to get the servers.

Well, it’s stranger than that. Even if I add a delay (using later) before it does the ajax call to get the new server list, it is still getting a stale list, not the one after the new server has been added in the callback. I can refresh the window in another tab and see that it gets the right data before it does the ajax call.

I guess I’ll give up for now. For the case whether the server exists before the purchase (which I think is more common–you’d configure everything and then say, “yeah, let’s do it”) it works; it’s just the case where they say “Yeah, I want to pay for an installation; I’ll pay and then see what happens.”