From Private to Public: The Quest to Publish AI Conversations Seamlessly

We got nice option to publish private conversations with AI bot. Now we got (even it is not totally published yet) ability to mention bots.

There is small issue now. Those two don’t work together.

I can copy PM-conversation when it happends with persona, that can’t be mentioned. But right away after new mentionable AI-user is created, I have three party PM-topic, where are myself, original AI and new AI-user. But sharing button is visible only when original AI bot has written something, but that doesn’t happend because of newborn AI-user.

So can you connect AI-bot/persona and mentionable AI-user of that same persona that I can still publish PM-topic using that share-button-thing?

Sure. I can use different personas via mentions when almost identifal ones work via PM, but that is not an elegant solution and is very confusing to ordinary users[1].

(Yes, AI created the tittle and it shows… no matter what kind of AI badges EU will need an user sees rigjt away if content, text anyway, is by AI or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

  1. as an admin I can use publishing PM via my private category, but… ↩︎

oh yikes, will get this sorted.

sorted per:

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