Inconsistent display of full name & username

I have the following settings enabled:

  • Full name is a required field of a user’s profile.
  • Show the user’s full name on their profile, user card, and emails. Disable to hide full name everywhere.
  • Show a user’s full name on their posts in addition to their @username.

And this disabled:

  • Show username first on user page, user card and posts (when disabled name is shown first)

On posts, the About page, user bios, user cards: this is respected.

In the notification/user menu, badges listings, user directory, and in user profiles “most liked” and other like sections, the username is given priority.


I can definitely support the user directory and user profile here, probably fairly easy to do if you want to assign it @sam?


Fixed via:

The above commit ensures consistency on following pages:

  • user directory
  • user summary
  • badge detail
  • group detail

We don’t have enough space in notifications to show user full name as well. We only show username there and I believe it should be left as is.


Thanks for this @techAPJ!

Maybe it’s too far related from this topic, but is there any appetite to revisit the “don’t show the user’s full name if it’s the same characters as the username” design choice?

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@codinghorror and @techAPJ this is fab, thank you.

I’ve reported similar issues (more serious) with regard to the inconsistent display of the Group Full Name and groupname over the years, I wonder if this can be looked at?

Labelling group inboxes with group full names - feature - Discourse Meta

EDIT: this may have been fixed already - if so sorry, please ignore. I’m going to have to done some testing.

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I am not sure about that. There needs to a separate topic to gather feedback regarding that.

I just posted a reply on that topic.


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