Full names not shown on posts

In one of my self-hosted instances, which is up-to-date with the beta branch, full names aren’t shown next to the username above a post, just the username and title. The full name does appear on the user card.

  • The username doesn’t match the full name.
  • enable names is ticked.
  • This happens with all site customizations disabled.
  • prioritize username in ux is enabled, disabling it has no effect on this.
  • The full names were set via a SSO login.

I have these plugins installed:

Does anyone have an idea why the full names refuse to show up?


Here’s how the posts look like:

Some additional info:

  • prioritize username in ux does correctly influence the order of username and full name in the user card
  • I tried removing all plugins, which did not help.
  • This also affects users without a title.
  • Changing the full name for a user doesn’t make it show up.
  • The problem isn’t locale-specific.
  • The full name isn’t hidden, it really isn’t part of the DOM.

After some more digging, it looks like I managed to overlook the site setting display name on posts multiple times :blush:

I found it by digging through the source code:


After enabling it, to no one’s surprise, the names showed up.


Hilarious! And you’re an experience Discourse person! Obviously this was a likely bug, and it’s tons easier to check the source than to remember to search the settings anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!


I did the same thing (missed the setting). Thought I was going crazy.


I actually did search the settings, but didn’t dig up the correct one. Searching for name gave one gazillion results, and searching for full name didn’t find this – because the name of the setting doesn’t include full, and my instance is set to German :no_mouth:


I think a lot about how new Discourse admins get started. You’re a “regular” according to your trust level, and I recognize you as someone who reliably posts helpful responses. When you can’t figure out something that should be pretty easy to figure out, I can just imagine how overwhelming it must be for someone new.

And your command of English is such that my only hint that it’s not your first language is your name. What must it be like for people who don’t know what words to search for? And how can we help them?

Changing the settings names is infeasible, but I wonder if the settings search could be modified to search the translated descriptions.


It is actually searching for the translated name! The problem is that I was searching for full name, which is neither part of the setting name (because it only says name) nor of the translated description (where it is obfuscatedtranslated to vollen Namen).

I might only be running into this because English isn’t my first language but I’m using it enough to just expect the search to react to English terms, just as the rest of the internet does :slight_smile:

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I was just about to ask if this is a bug, but decided to give it another search and found your solution.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a warning about this near the settings.

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