Full names on web but not e-mails

As a user, I want to see the full name of a given poster when I receive an e-mail notification of content that person created, so that I can better associate the e-mail notification with the people I know on the Discourse site itself.

Rationale: When full names are enabled on the site, naturally, you see them above each post. However, the e-mail “From” field is structured like “userid <discourse@example.com>”. If userid was replaced with the full name, it’d match the user experience on the web.


Yes, this has been requested before and I agree. With full names enabled email should use full name in the from: field too.


Another +1 based on feedback from users of my forum too. There are a number of regulars that contribute to our forum, so instead of seeing JohnSmith123, it would be nice (and much preferred) to see their actual name. I have a semi-related feature request too here:

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Checking in on the status/viability of this idea now that subject lines are “complete”. Any drawbacks to switching from userid to full name in the From field?

Sure @techapj can you add this to your list? Only if full names are shown on the site, and there’s also that “never show full names, ever” site setting that should be respected.


PR sent for this feature!


Looks good to me; the newbies on our Ebola team will appreciate this. Thanks @techAPJ!

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