Show Full Name and Title in emails?

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Currently, the Full Name is used in the “from” in emails sent, which is incredibly helpful. The title is shown nicely in the forum, and can important information about a pers. We’re going to be using Title to indicate important information about each person in a forum I’m running, and having the Title visible in the emails would help bring the same experience to users in both email and on the web.

In the example below, words posted by Robin have more “weight” on the right in the forum because they are attributed to Co-Founder. That same message on the left is missing this important information.

I’m hoping we can see the Title added to the emails.

EDIT - Note that there isn’t a problem with the email on the left, it’s just that images weren’t loaded


I like this idea. I will see what I can do for you!

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Here we go:


Almost can’t tell the difference between an email & the web…

very nice!

If there’s space/room/desire to put the full name there as well, I think it’d be even better.

It’s less needed since it’s in the From (because I’m using mailing list mode) perhaps people on digest would appreciate the full name as well?

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Confused because full name in emails was “supposed” to already be there … but don’t recall ever seeing it, and can’t find the site setting @techAPJ alluded to in this topic & PR:

After playing with this a bit more in our forum, what I’m getting is [username] [Title] in the emails.

On the web, we see [username] [Full name] [Title].

Honestly, for our case, coming from a mailing list only solution, the username is extra, and often confusing, information.

I’m going to stop short of asking for a way to replace the Username with the Full name, though it would be nice.

What I really do want to see is the full name next to the title, like we do on the web.

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I agree it should be consistent with the site settings can you take another pass at this @eviltrout (and use the grey colors for title).


Okay I’ve added the full name (if the site has it enabled) and tweaked the styles a bit:


Can we have an option to hide the username when the Full Name is present?