Full screen tables not showing in 2.8.0.beta8

I really like the idea of the full screen table feature just announced:

I just deployed 2.8.0.beta8 (32c6c4f417) and can’t see any Expand Table button on a table, on either or Firefox or Chrome. I rebuilt HTML in case that was a requirement, and it still didn’t help. I resized the browser window small and large to see if that mattered, and couldn’t make it show up.

The table I was trying to view as an example was here:

Do I misunderstand something about this feature? I’d like to announce it to my community, but want to make sure it works first. :relaxed:

I can see the Expand table button on the example link?

(let me know if the picture is not okay to share :+1:)

I’m currently using Android, Chrome.


Thank you! Picture fine to share and appreciated.

I checked that the windows from reporting the problem before still didn’t work just now, including when I did a reload, but after a shift-click reload (yet again; I had done that this morning before asking this) it now shows up for me in both Firefox and Chrome.

I’m guessing that it actually took a rebake, and that the rebake took longer than I expected.

I have confirmed that another page which I have not rebuilt still does not show the feature, even on a shift-click reload, so it must be that tables have to be rebaked for this to work.

I wonder if there is a console way to rebake only all tables. Maybe rebaking all posts where <div class="md-table"> is in cooked…

posts = Post.where("cooked like '%<div class=\"md-table\">%'")
posts.each do |p|

That doesn’t seem to have resolve the problem, though. I watched sidekiq drain all the rebuilds so it definitely kicked off the rebakes.

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I think there are some thresholds in place, can you paste the table in to this topic, does the button show up?

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Actually, it eventually worked. I was again too impatient. :relaxed:


Cool, no worries, closing this off. Thanks for :bear:ing with us ;p