Fullscreen Timeline on Mobile Composer in Landscape

At first glance this looks OK, but the title is not being shown. It’s currently above the top of the screen. You can see a glyph poking out above the word “see”.

If font sizes are customized it looks even worse, as the excerpt can be displayed somewhat offscreen.


Gave this a try — I’m able to do most of this in CSS using height media queries, but the timeline’s height is defined in Javascript (seemed simple enough, but I’m not sure how bad my JS is).


If your browser’s height is less than 425px, you get a stubby timeline. I think iOS 10 on an iPhone 5 is generally where we’d cut off support in landscape (with the toolbars the viewport height is only 230px :scream:) .


Great, I added some minor changes to avoid the window height only being calculated when the JS file loads and merged it!


Note, something @codinghorror has bugged me for ages about is that we don’t show category or tags there, we got to get to that.