Gain understanding of file uploads usage

I view the file uploads problem as two fold. An admin wants to 1. gain understanding of their forum file uploads usage, and 2. take actions on specific uploaded items. I am hoping to focus on problem (1) in this post.

Gain understanding of my forum file uploads usage

For admins to have a clearer view of their instance’s file usage, building on Sam’s thoughts, they need to understand:

  1. How many files were uploaded in N period of time?
    • Broken down or filtered by file extension
  2. Which users have the most/largest uploads?
    • Sortable by: size, extension
  3. What are my largest uploads?
    • Sortable by: size, extension
    • Filterable by: extension
  4. What is the size of files uploaded broken down by extension?

Other possible questions:

  1. How many orphan file uploads do I have? – this is solved
  2. Which posts (or maybe categories) have the most/largest uploads? – unsure about the benefit of this

Possible order of work items …

  1. Adding a report to answer: what are my largest uploads? we will call it: Top Uploads
  2. Add support for custom filtering – more on this later, requires Ember changes.
  3. Take feedback, iterate then figure out the next most useful report to add.

The Top Uploads report can potentially look like this:


This is a first attempt for introducing the Top Uploads report.

I didn’t account for filtering by extension yet, as it will involve an extra step to expose a generic filtering ember component (similar to the category filtering dropdown, but more generic)


I took a little detour of attempting to add support for custom report filter for a report before carrying on with the Top Uploads report work, happy to get your feedback :slight_smile:


Great work Tarek, and thanks for taking the time to explain your process, very much appreciated. I made few comments to open the discussion.