Separate Max File Size Options for "Internal Files" and "Overall Files"

Hi Guys,

Is there the possibility of separating the “Max File Size” setting into two? Being one for “General Files” (which includes any type of file that the users may drag into the Reply Box) and “Internal Files”. What I mean by “Internal files” are the Avatars, the Profile Cards and all of the Customization Goodness that Discourse support.

This because even though I don’t really want to support uploading files (therefore a small file size as a limitation) I do want my users to upload good quality images for their profile customization.

Would this be too much of a loop? Does this kind of separation make sense for you guys?

BTW, to my understanding and searching there was a similar post but maybe I’m missing the option on my Admin Panel or we are talking about different features.

Thanks a lot for your time!

I think it is fair to say “I don’t want any uploads on my forum posts but do want to allow pretty avatars”. We have 1 in 1000 customers that has a similar problem, so your request is not unique, but it is fairly rare.

Not against adding some sort of setting here, but this is very fiddly code


Sorry for the bump. Just wanted to note the following both for future reference (in case that anyone is searching for the same) and to show some love for the constant work from the folks here at Discourse:

On Discourse 2.3.0.beta6 Release Notes a new feature was announced:

While this doesn’t divide the file sizes or restricts the uploads per sé as in the original request, it does help a lot identifying bigass images. Normally due to scaling the best way to fit an avatar within the limit size is to uploaded it in GIF. While the rest of normal “drag and drop” images just go in PNG, JPG or whatever the user pulls.

With this it is easier to allow some opening while cleaning once in a while by size, even though it may break some posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to add this reference to the pot, thanks guys!