Gamesforge Team Recruiting Developers

Hello Discourse community,

I’m Joseph from the Gamesforge team, we recently made a post here in the marketplace about our current project. Since then the project team has expanded a bit but we are still looking to add two Junior Devs to the project.

Our hourly rate for these positions would be $24/hour with a 4% equity in the project. We do offer some other benefits such as hardware upgrades if you need a boost to the home office, or if you need specific software for the work we will provide that.

We operate with open source software and are fully self-hosted, we make use of project management tools and wireframing technologies such as PenPot, we do have standardized coding practices that will have to be met and adhered to by developers on the team.

If you are interested in learning more about the project or about joining the team please shoot me a message.

We are looking for:

a Junior Developer with a focus on plugin development and integration with external APIs, as well as a focus on developing internal systems for the admin section of Discourse.

a Junior Developer with a focus on the look and feel of the project (UI/UX) and a secondary focus on general Discourse development.

Have a wonderful week. <3


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