General chat channel is associated with Site Feedback, rather than General

Cleaning up a test instance I went to remove ‘General’ and ‘Site Feedback’. ‘General’ could be deleted without problem, but ‘Site Feedback’ told me that there was an associated chat channel:

Yet the only chat channels were ‘Staff’ and ‘General’:

After deleting the ‘General’ chat channel I could remove the ‘Site Feedback’ category.


There are two things going on here:

  1. The seeded chat channel is named “General” but created in the “Site Feedback” category. we should change it to be created in the “General” category now that it exists by default.
  2. We should make it easier to delete these seeded categories somehow.
    (Perhaps with some special handling of empty channels)

Good catch! I didn’t think to look for this when I was testing the new feature. It’s actually not that obvious which category a given channel is in, and channels are not very discoverable yet.

Maybe we want display some signposts such as:

  • link to channels for each category on the /categories page
  • link to category’s channels on category pages
  • message explaining which category the channel is in at the top of the channel
  • link to category on channels list

It would be nice if we could easily hop between fast/slow - so a link to the categories chat channel from the respective category page and vice versa. If they aren’t readily visible then there doesn’t feel like much point in having them.

Well, there are links on the sidebar so once you know a channel exists and have added it to the sidebar you will have the link to it readily available. It’s just finding out about channels and knowing which category each channel is linked to is a bit hard.

Right, which is my point. If a chat channel is added to a category, then I think we should be able to see the channel linked from that categories page, and see a link back to the category when we’re browsing the channel.

At the moment the two are unmoored.

Yeah, you and I are basically saying the same thing. I updated my list of suggestions above so it’s now hopefully more clear.

Might actually be interesting to indicate recent chat activity in these places.

There’s some related discussion in Greater visibility for Category Channels if folks want to capture more ideas along the lines of the above there for future consideration.


I think this has been swopped over in: :+1:


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