When changing forum language, do URLs update?

I just switched one of my Discourse installs to a different language via the admin panel, and I am wondering if the URLs for things like the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy are supposed to change? or will they always stay at mywebsite.com/privacy? Can I assume that if the privacy policy didn’t translate when I changed language that there isn’t a translation available for it?

I don’t think there are translations for the privacy policy and TOS, since that’s not handled the “normal” way through Transifex…

Actually, privacy policy, TOS and FAQ are all translatable via transifex (and some already are translated) :wink:


@zogstrip cool! I’m hoping to translate them into Brazilian Portuguese, but I’m having trouble finding them in Transifex… any pointers? Is there something I need to do to get those translations started?

They are in the server.yml file. Look for faq, privacy.


Ahh yes, thanks!! Do you know if the Welcome Message is also translatable via Transifex?

I’d say 98% of Discourse is translatable. Have you tried searching for welcome? :wink:


Will do, thanks for your help!

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