Getting a 500 response when accessing Categories Index route

This issue happen’s when after i leave my session idle for a min and refresh.

Not sure why the client ip is having a port value. Is there some config i am missing

Below is the log

Processing by CategoriesController#index as HTML
Redirected to
Filter chain halted as :redirect_to_login_if_required rendered or redirected
Completed 302 Found in 2ms (ActiveRecord: 0.0ms | Allocations: 311)
Job exception: PG::InvalidTextRepresentation: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type inet: “”
LINE 1: UPDATE “users” SET “ip_address” = ‘’ WHERE "…

Port numbers are only supported for local development, is this a #dev question? No production instance of Discourse will ever work with a custom port, that is not supported.

Are you hosted in azure ?

Yes it is running in azure, I looked at the azure documentation, It was an issue with how azure adds the port number in the http header’s. I was able to resolve this (reference Rewrite HTTP headers with Azure Application Gateway | Blog | Microsoft Azure). It works now , was an issue with Azure.

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