Getting art gallery site up again after Vultr server hard restart

tl;dr I just broke my website install & need urgent server/docker/container/SSH help to get my art gallery site running again. Please DM me if you can help today (Saturday in Riga) so we can discuss me paying you for your help (assuming you don’t help for free).

here’s the context: I logged into our Vultr VPS back-end admin panel, pressed the server restart link, confirmed I wanted to do a hard restart, the server started back up in seconds, & then every artist page has given me a generic “Problem loading page/Unable to connect” message. I have a feeling this has something to do with dockers & containers not reconfiguring/restarting properly after the hard server restart, but I’m in over my head on identifying the root cause & solution.

I can help you SSH for access if you need it. I’m feeling like an idiot right now & you could help me save face with my collectors if we could resolve this quickly. Thanks in advance.

I tried to follow some tutorials to SSH into my Vultr VPS server & couldn’t get my session to connect. I’m in over my head which is why I mentioned I’m willing to pay to have someone else step in, troubleshoot, & resolve my problem. Free is always a fantastic price, too.

(tagging @nixie because it seems like you’ve been helpful for these kinds of things in the past).

(tagging @JoelZaslofsky because it seems like you’ve been in for these kinds of situations in the past & came to a solution).

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I completely lucked out in a similar situation when I found @itsbhanusharma to help. That was 2.5 years ago and Bhanu’s tech focus and availability has shifted significantly.

So I hope there’s another Bhanu-like person in the Discourse community, reading this right now, who can come to the rescue. :slight_smile: Where you are is a frustrating and kind of scary place to be, @3rdglasseye. So all I can offer is good vibes.


I completely lucked out too! @JoelZaslofsky I actually found Discourse by searching google & came across your situation which matched mine to a T. A solution to the problem suddenly flashed across my mind (or the mind of a Cloud | Python | System | Network Engineer from Vietnam, with obviously good skills in AWS, Azure services, Network & Linux System Administration & experience in Python (Django, FastAPI), Golang, OpenVPN, Firewall (PFsense, Paloalto, TNSR, Mikrotik), Network (Juniper, Cisco), Terraform, Ansible, New Relic, … has nine lives. My cat fell off a third- floor balcony & just walked away. How can he do that?

you need to run commands below in terminal:

ssh root@(IP Address)

  1. cd /root/deploy
  2. docker-compose restart

If it’s a standard install, it would be

cd /var/discourse
./launcher start app


./launcher rebuild app

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