How I could restart the web server in docker

by manual installation, I could cease the rails server to reload the config files. Is there something like the rails server within docker?


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This seems to work for me:


doing so will restart the entire docker container. what I trying to do is to restart the web server without touch the container, such as using “rails server” and then stop it without utilizing docker.

why are you trying to do this, not following at all. Anyway here you go.

cd /var/discourse 
./launcher enter app
sv restart unicorn 

should we exit app after this step? I’m so new to this if it wasn’t obvious

I have discourse installed via docker. After upgrading yesterday my discourse has been down. I am trying to run ./launcher enter app
I am getting the error ./launcher: No such file or directory Is there way for me to search the correct directory for this command?

/var/www/discourse doesn’t exist outside the app, if you can see that path you’re already inside discourse.

Type exit - does that end the ssh connection, or bring you back to /var/discourse?


Is there button to restart the server from the UI? I see a button to upgrade when a new version is out, which I think does a restart, but I don’t see a button just for restart.

There is not, no. Why do you need to restart the web server? What’s the issue you’re trying to solve?

I wanted to restart the server, to see if app.yml changes would take effect. I guess it needs a rebuild too. Maybe a UI button for that (near where upgrade section of admin is) would be convenient too.

Most changes to the app.yml require a rebuild. Rebuilds cannot br triggered from the UI, you need to connect to the server itself, outside the docket container.

Settings such as SMTP can be updated in the yml and will be immediately picked up via:

./launcher destroy app
./launcher start app

While other things including plugins will require a rebuild.