.gitignore changes in Discourse core

Heads up for all Discourse devs out there – .gitignore file in the discourse repository went on a diet. :green_apple:

If you find that some untracked files that were ignored before don’t be alarmed! There are two possibilities:

  1. Maybe those files are specific to your dev environment? Your vim .swp files, VSCode workspace, macOS .DS_Store files, etc.
    In that case, you should ignore them globally, so they’re no longer a problem in any repo! To enable global gitignore (~/.gitignore) run:
    git config --global core.excludesFile '~/.gitignore'
    Then create that file and add your VIM/VSCode/Sublime/Emacs/Eclipse/RubyMine/JetBrains/macOS/Arch/Windows 95-specific stuff. :smiley:
  2. Or, maybe it was discourse-specific file that we should keep in .gitignore? If so, let me know in this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m curious to see if any contributors who are new to Git in general will accidentally commit .DS_Store or other “helpful” files. (It’s easy enough to say “this should go in your settings”, but new people won’t know to set that up.)