Give Users More Control Over Topics/Threads!

(SnowyTerror) #1

Hello I had a topic/thread open on the site Greenheart Games Forums and was suggested to post this kind of thing here as it would be more relevant and the Question from is why do regular/standard users not have access/permission to certain features that moderators have.

The sort of features that im on about is the ones in which allow the user to delete, set privacy and/or stop others from posting on that thread in which that user made.

Now I know that moderators are able to do this to their own and others but im on about the user having more control over their own topic/thread.

  • The first thing in which this can improve on is moderators not having
    to answer to users of these things that they want done to their own

  • Second thing is like I said before hand is that it gives the user more control over their own topic/thread.

If you agree with me LIKE this to get it noticed by the devs!

(Bill Ayakatubby) #2

This has already been discussed in another thread:

(SnowyTerror) #3

OK I was not aware that others have talked about this on this forums because I have just signed up here but was redirected here to talk about what im on about.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It is a good idea and thanks for raising it here but let’s keep all the discussion in the one existing topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #5