Giving Beverage Tip

Sorry if I missed finding this if it exists. Is there a built-in way or plugin or perhaps link to another site to leave another forum member a tip like buying someone a coffee if they provided support for your issue and you wanted to give more than a thank you but not enter a formal pay them for working for you relationship?


Ok, found this: Monetization facilities/infrastructure which isn’t quite it as this seems to be more about getting more activity from non participating members.

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Thank you for responding!

Not clear how this would look/work within a topic thread.

Say I want to buy you a coffee for offering this response to my question and say for the sake of the question that your response wasn’t this Buy Me a Coffee link. As this isn’t native within Discourse would I need to ask you for a link to buy you a coffee and then you would post some link that I would click on and follow to where I could make the contribution?

@IAmGav Looking again, your link does answer the part of my question asking for a link to another site. Upon further reflection, I realize I’m looking for a baked-in Discourse option and not something that Discourse users need to set up and direct others to external to the topic as interacted with ‘here’. Like having Discourse hosted within a coffee shop or bar and during a conversation getting to buy a round of beverages as a gesture of appreciation at the moment it occurs. It’d make the forum more comfortable and congenial.

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There is nothing inside discourse except the like button :heart:

you can integrate with Patreon and it will still point you to another website.

You more than welcome to head over to #marketplace and seek out someone to custom develop you something.

I hope this answer your question then :slight_smile:

It does Gavin. I’m a bit surprised that the Discourse team or some enterprising someones haven’t done something about it. Maybe a Go Fund Me to raise money to hire someone to ease giving money away. :wink: