Giving each user a unique discourse powered blog

Ive seen elsewhere on the net, people using discourse as a blogging platform. I was wondering if it was possible (or really if anyone has done it), for discourse to actually give each user their own “blog” (a.k.a. a post unique to each user or a group of users disguised as a blog post, put in their profile and can be linked to, but is otherwise hidden from view).


Do you have any good examples of websites, especially forums, that host a “micro-blog-network”? Most of the ones I’ve seen are ghost towns.


Well besides the obvious fact that every single major social media platform since 2007 has utilized some form of microblogging platform, I can’t think of any forum examples. But then I’m new to the internet forum scene, so I wouldn’t call that surprising. Either way, this kinda of functionality can be very useful for many types of forums from writers forums wishing to keep larger literary works separate from the primary chatter, to business forums who can use them to help publicize project updates and maintain client/public relations. (Just like discourse and many other products do, just on a smaller scale). Wikipedia suggests that it’s quickly becoming a core part of enterprise social software…

I won’t say this feature could be great for everyone, but it seems like a valuable feature.

I’m sorry, I guess I’m not 100% sure what you are asking.

Think of it like each user having a corresponding category that they have exclusive Create permissions on, everyone else has Reply permissions, and is suppressed from Latest/Categories/New etc. It would be visible as another tab on their profile page.