Giving first users a "Founder" status


I’m new to Discourse and I just set up my first Discourse forum.

I want to do something nice for my first users, so I figured it would be a nice touch to give them a permanent “Founder” status.
How would be the best way to approach this? Should I just manually update the user title of the first 25 users to “Founder” or is there a better way to do this (with a badge or something?)



Sounds like a great idea. If I were you, I would create a badge (which could be used a a title) instead of a permanent title. The reason behind it is that users might reach TL3, meaning that they might want to have Regular as their forum tag. Having said that, they will be able to choose between Regular or Founder

On a side note: You sure you want to use founder? It kind of makes me think that one is the actual founder of the forum, not one of the first members that joined. I’d use something like Devoted or First User/ Member or Longstanding :wink:. Of course that’s up to you though, just my 2 $.


You should make a Founders group, where you can allow users to have a custom title and possibly a flair.


I would rather call it “founding member”. Not Founder


You can still name the group “Founding Member” and use a badge or flair as mentioned above by @Qursch. Make “Founding Member” available as a title and the user can use after their username. The use of any available titles are up to the user to initiate in their preferences, but the flair is automatic once they are added to the group.


Fair point about not calling it “Founder”, thanks!

Gonna try it with a group, thanks guys :slight_smile: