Global Pin Gone?

Dod you guys remove the option to pin messages globally? If so, I am curious why. Thanks.

Hi Scot! No, I just checked here on meta and see the pin globally option is still available on the admin wrench. I’m not sure how permissions are handled for this feature - can you confirm you are admin on your site?

Hi Tobias,

Yes I am Admin. I own the site. There used to be three pinning options. Pin to category, pin globally, and pin as a banner. Now I only see these two options to pin to the category or as a banner. I do not see the option to pin globally which would pin the message to the top of all the lists.


Is this a private category? I don’t think you can’t pin globally if the topic is in a private category, not viewable by all users. But you can still banner a topic in a private category, or pin it t the top of that category for people with access to see.

edit - hmm. I just checked on my site and see that I can pin a topic globally even if it is private. So I guess that’s not it.

It is not a private category.

Can you please show me an image of what your pin options are. I am trying to remember exactly what it said before with the three options. Thanks.

Here is what mine looks like. I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t a permission issue. Did you change admin settings related to this recently?I have not seen what you’re describing before.

Yeah that is what I could see before. I will talk to my dev again. He might have some insight on this. I will report back after I have more info.

Thank you.

IIRC, there was a recent bug that prevented admins from pinning globally if they’re not TL 4 (= Leader).

Edit: Yup, found the relevant topic


That was it. Changed to TL = 4 and it worked. Thanks :slight_smile:


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